Bee Team

Susan Frye
My research goals are broadly to explore wild bee communities and their ecology in an effort to manage their biodiversity. I strive to share with others a passion for wild bees as important pollinators of our natural environment. 
Meet the individuals behind all the data collection, sampling, sorting, pinning and everything else that's involved with entomology research. These individuals are either working or have worked on elements of my research on bees.
  1. Remi Mauxion
    Summer intern 2015
    Remi studies agriculture engineering at University LaSalle in France. He is very passionate about butterflies and pollinator/biodiversity conservation.
  2. Mabia Biff Cera
    Summer intern 2015
    Native to Brazil, Mabia spent a year in Canada on an exchange program at the University of Toronto. She worked with me for four months during the summer of 2015.
  3. Gabriel Vansteenberghe
    Summer intern 2014
  4. Hortense Vallée
    Summer intern 2014
  5. Kathleen Manson
    NSERC summer student
  6. Caroline Cornu
    Summer intern 2013
  7. Ellis Chang
    Work Study Student
    Ellis is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. He has been working with me since September 2016 on various lab tasks.
  8. Alexis Neirynck
    Summer Intern 2016
    Alexis studies agriculture engineering at University LaSalle in France. Alexis did a summer internship in Canada for four months working on measuring functional traits and counting scale.
  9. Sujal Shrestha
    Work Study Student
    Sujal began working on the bee project during the summer of 2017. She is currently in her second year at U of T in Pharmacology and Human Biology.